An empty house does nothing to help buyers attach and envision themselves living there.   Most people cannot judge the size of a room or visualize how their furniture will fit into that.. Because they have nothing to look at, they tend to focus on the minor issues or imperfections.

Empty houses do not feel warm and inviting,   Staging helps to create the lifestyle that the buyers will enjoy once they purchase.  It helps to show the property off to its advantage and highlight the homes best features.  According to many pros, a staged home can bring in 6% to 20 % more than the same home without Staging [source: Staged Homes].  By Staging a vacant home we can help you turn your house into a dream home for potential buyers.


Our Vacant Staging Services include the rental and installation of furniture and placement of art and accessories. We recommend Staging the main rooms of the home as well as areas that have special features.  Due to each homes unique requirements Vacant Home Staging costs vary.   Industry standards range from $300 and up; please contact us for an estimate.


Staging a Vacant Property adds warmth and life to an empty space.



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